Green Ammonia Linz

developed by VERBUND and LAT Nitrogen:

Green Ammonia Linz is a joint development project that aims to deploy a large-scale electrolyser to produce green hydrogen for the on-site production of green ammonia, melamine and fertilizer.

Project background

The project supports the European Green Deal and the Austrian Hydrogen Strategy and lays the foundation for the sustainable production of green ammonia at the LAT Nitrogen site in Linz.

Green Ammonia Linz will build an industrial scale electrolyser (60 MW) to feed the first production of green ammonia to decarbonise industrial processes while providing flexibility to an increasingly strained electricity grid. It will enable the decarbonisation of products via implementing green hydrogen into the production process.

Furthermore, this project is one of the first large scale green hydrogen projects to be deployed in Austria and perfectly fits into the national Austrian Hydrogen Strategy focussing on the industrial use of green hydrogen.

The future industrial plant can be seen as a graphic with the logo and lettering of Green Ammonia Linz. Trucks drive to the left and right of the building.

The aim of the project is essentially fivefold


1. Produce

Produce large quantities of green hydrogen from water electrolysis and integrate it into existing chemical processes for ammonia production by LAT Nitrogen.

2. Provide

Provide advanced grid services, thereby generating additional revenues while contributing to the flexibility and stability of the electricity system, which is increasingly stressed by the growing share of volatile renewable energy sources.

3. Integrate

Optimize the integration of the PEM electrolyser into the industrial environment and maximise the overall efficiency of the process by exploiting all the by-products of electrolysis (oxygen and excess heat) and other indirect effects.

4. Optimize

Optimize (from a techno-economic point of view) the operation of the PEM electrolyser, taking into account multiple revenue streams from H2 and O2 production, electricity prices, marketing of grid services and ammonia production by LAT Nitrogen.

5. Create a market

Create a new market for green industrial and agrochemical products. The Green Ammonia Linz project touches on key issues such as dependency on fossil fuels and regional economic strength by providing a blueprint for a European green hydrogen/green ammonia project.

What to expect

60 MW PEM electrolyser, H2 Storage, H2 conditioning, O2 conditioning
Substitution of up to 10 % of grey H2 conventionally used in ammonia production reducing up to 90,000t CO2/a

Full integration in existing industrial complex

  • Reduced need for new utility facilities improving overall cost efficiency
  • Provision of grid services facilitating deep renewable penetration
  • Utilization of O2 in nitric acid production improving economics
  • Utilization of waste heat further reducing CO2 emissions
An infographic provides an overview of the project goals, future follow up projects, existing infrastructure and green products.